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From the Dev's Desk: Loot, League Bonuses and Trophy Offers

Hello Chiefs, once again! We�re here one last time this update to go over the last of the supporting changes surrounding the shield system revamp and the addition of Village Guard. In the previous posts, we discussed lots of changes to support fairer defense, increased focus on attack, and greater flexibility in play sessions and shield times. Now it's time to bring it all together with what all Chiefs strive for: the spoils of battle! Whether you're a Trophy pusher or hunting for sweet loot, these last set of changes aim to make the spoils of battle more rewarding for skilled attackers, better tied to gameplay objectives and better balanced in attack vs. defense.
The first set of changes involves the Town Hall becoming a primary loot target. Even Trophy pushers should take note of the last item on this list! �Available loot is now distributed to the Town Hall as well as storages (maximum loot is unchanged) �Town Halls contain a share of loot equal to one Gold Storage, one Elixir Storage and 1/4 Dark Elixir storage �The Town Hall is now looted only when it is completely destroyed by an attacker �Town Hall Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir storage increases by Town Hall Level �The Town Hall and Clan Castle now count as resource buildings, so Goblins can target them for double damage Also for the loot hunters comes changes to the League Bonus system to make it worth more, but only if you attack well: �All League Bonuses have been significantly increased �League Bonus loot is now progressive from 0% to 100%, based on destruction percentage of a victorious attack �100% League Bonus is earned at 70% destruction Also, the Trophy pushers out there will be seeing some much needed rebalancing of high-level Trophy offers. High-level players will be gaining more Trophies from attacks and losing less from defense: �Trophy offers of defenders with less Trophies now increase based on total Trophy count �Trophy offers of defenders with more Trophies now decrease based on total Trophy count

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